Plato said, "What is honored in a culture gets cultivated there."

If you want to raise your bar of excellence then honor excellence. Challenge yourself and those in your circle of influence to Go & Grow! Accept nothing less. Success is intentional. It is not an involuntary activity. You have to make it happen.

Welcome to the Go & Grow Challenge, a collaborative challenge across I M Possible (I M) brands that will lead you to take action to increase your knowledge, enrich your health & wellness, boost your socialization/networking, develop your philanthropic/social involvement, and cultivate a purpose-driven lifestyle. Each participating I M brand challenges you to improve a different area of your life.

I M inviting individuals who are committed to excellence and who passionately challenge others to become their best. I M looking for "mediocre assassins", people who refuse to accept "okay" as being okay. I M seeking people who are serious about making a positive difference in their life, the life of others, the community, and the environment. I M in need of people who want to create a movement or several.

To support this Go & Grow initiative, Field of Dreams in partnership with Brother Bind are promoting the Read to Succeed Challenge. Collectively, we honor a yearn-to-learn for excellence that cultivates continuous self-improvement and grwoth. Read to Succeed challenges you to read more for personal and professional growth. The challenge goes beyond reading. Read to Succeed encompasses the reading challenge, sharing ideas, collaborative networking, and teaching others all for the purpose of accomplishment and growth.

I M daring you to spend more time with your face in a book than on Facebook.

You grow your value by investing in yourself whether it is your health & wellness, profession/craft, relationships, or any aspect that improves your quality of life. An excellent method for self-investment is reading as it requires a minimal investment with high returns. Building your own library is a great long-term investment. Surround yourself with other readers and learners and your returns become exponential. The late, Charles "Tremendous" Jones who spent his life inpsiring people to read as a means to change their life, once said, “You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.” This challenge meets both those objectives.

Contrary to any myths, the art of reading is still alive! People are reading especially printed books which outsell e-books; book clubs are not only still popular but even cool. People have become creative in how they present and host book clubs and they are excellent forum for socializing.

Take on the Go & Grow - Read to Succeed Challenge! Challenge your circle of influence to do the same. Set a goal to read at least 6 books in 2020. You can read more by committing to read on a daily basis. Successful people (Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Oprah, Warren Buffet, etc.) credit their success to their commitment to read daily for learning. Connect with other readers to exchange thoughts and ideas. Join our Achievers Book Club or start your own, participate in our book reviews, and make Field of Dreams your resource for personal and professional growth books. Honor excellence and you will cultivate it!

Go & Grow - Read to Succeed Challenge inspires and engages progressive minds and empathetic hearts to take action through the art of reading. We are accomplishing this through our partnership with Brother Bind. Field of Dreams provides the books and materials and Brother Bind provides the (BookTube) platform; hosting events; and book clubs. For more information visit Brother Bind.

There is a catch! The books we feature lead to personal, professional, organizational growth. So you will find little fiction in our library and the fiction we do feature is inspirational. This may not surprise those who remember the Field of Dreams retail store. Review our library which is growing at www.inafieldofdreams.com/fodlibrary. To further encourage you to read, we offer books at 50% to 60% less than the list price to make it affordable for you to invest in yourself.

You are helping others and the environment to grow
Read to Succeed supports I M's mission to "transform lives through education, experiences, and exposure".

  • A portion of each book you purchase will be donated to our non-profit entity, I M University (I M U - www.IMUniversity.org) to support its social and environmental sustainability causes.
  • Purchase at least 3 books and receive a reusable I M tote bag to reduce your need to use plastic and paper bags.
  • With each order Field of Dreams will donate a Go & Grow seedling or a pack of seeds with your name to a local school.

By donating plants to local schools we hope to inspire young students to learn about growing plants and produce, and healthy eating which bridges this challenge to the I M Well 2020 Health & Wellness Challenge.

Additional benefits
Spend $30 or more and receive a free I M membership that entitles you to additional discounts on Field of Dreams products and products offerred by other I M businesses.

We offer creative ideas for gifting books to others like our Success-Full and Thank-Full gift baskets.

Your investment in your growth will help others and the environment. IMagine the impact we could have if you purchased books every month or gave books as a gift.

Now there are no excuses for you not to Go and Grow and cultivate your field of possibilities!

I M ready to Read to Succeed! Add me to the team roster.

Code: IMGR8!

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